Sarah Matthews



When Sarah sets her mind to something she’s going to go into in whole- heartedly and with a ton of passion. In fact, she’s done it many times in her life and in many ways. Growing up in Newfoundland, which she loves dearly, Sarah embraced an outdoor lifestyle whether it was in the water, sailing, or in the snow skiing. She excelled in these activities, making quick and lifelong friends along the way. Sarah continues to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so if she can’t be reached in a few minutes she’s likely hiking in the woods with her dogs.

After completing a degree at Memorial, Sarah worked within her family business for many years in addition to studying and practicing alternative medicine. She’s also been working part time as a project manager with Garnet Kindervater. It’s here that Sarah’s passion for homes began, and she’s honed her skills and process mastering the management of any home build. Who better to have on your side when searching for a home, than someone who knows exactly what goes into making it a quality and efficient structure?

Throughout this time, Sarah added two boys to her family tree and has ensured they are happy, healthy and have lots of fun. It’s no surprise that with balance and family at the top of Sarah’s list in importance, she’s a great coordinator of people and details.

Moore Decker Dunn is thrilled that Sarah has joined the team. Sarah is easy to talk to, and she really listens to what your needs are. She sees potential in homes, and how you can make them truly yours. With her incredible professional experience, her love for Newfoundland and the outdoors, and her quick sense of humour not only will you find your perfect home, you’ll have fun on the journey.