Lori Hickey

Client Coordinator


A born and bred townie, Lori Hickey knows the ins and outs of this city, her knowledge extending far beyond tricky intersections and little-known neighbourhoods.

Her passion for this province and its people is a valuable asset in local real estate, but Lori is a passionate person all around. Her previous work with the Ronald McDonald House and Daffodil Place are shining examples of this.

Couple her in-depth local knowledge with Lori’s work at TPH Investments Limited, as a property manager, tenant/vendor liaison, commercial and residential renovation manager, budget setter and materials pricer, she knows real estate inside and out – from the studs, if you will.

Lori Hickey is a go-getter in every sense of the term. This attitude extends from behind her desk and out into the world. Let’s take going to the gym, for example. Lori doesn’t just slag through her workout and bail – she worked hard to become a Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer in 2012.
Lori achieved this all while working on a Masters Certificate in Project Management, which she acquired in December of 2013.

Her skills and strengths are so plentiful, we’ll just list them here: organizational and time management skills, researching, analyzing and preparing projects, effective negotiating and problem solving skills, relationship building and strategic partnerships, setting goals and measuring results, pet lover, professional bear wrestler, underground punk folk vocalist – wait, scratch those last two. Knowing Lori, however, she would be interested in trying those things out – she’s always up for a challenge, whether it be mental or physical.

Having such a hardworking and dedicated person on your team is an absolute pleasure, and the Moore Decker Dunn family is happy to call Lori Hickey one of their own.

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