Colin Walsh



Colin Walsh brings an exciting energy to the Moore Decker Dunn team, and he’s definitely “one to watch” in the real estate industry. Colin’s enthusiasm toward art and style make him a great asset to his clients, and his business acumen brings a new level of service.

Colin carved out some of his career specializing in Employment Equity and gathered significant understanding of the diverse needs of all walks of life, and also how to use his skills to provide solutions for people in a variety of circumstances. After several years in the field he realized that life in a cubicle was not for him, and he jumped into Real Estate. Knowing that he would like to expand his expertise in real estate, and gain valuable insights for his clients, he immediately completed the New Home Construction course. Matching his client’s distinct requirements with the perfect home is the ultimate motivation for Colin. It’s this drive, along with his skills in managing people that helps him to create great relationships with his clients and vendors.

An appreciation for art, particularly the local art scene, helps Colin to understand different perspectives and provide solutions to his clients that many may not consider; it’s a very refreshing approach.

Colin loves working with people and has a warm and welcoming personality; he also has year’s worth of education and business experience that make him a great choice for to help you with buying and selling of your property.